Sausage Party is Nuts


If you’re easily offended, avoid this animated riot like the plague. If not…have fun. Sausage Party is a wild ride through a world where food and other assorted unmentionables are repressed anthropomorphic beings living in a grocery store, stuck in their packages, just waiting for “the gods” AKA you and I to whisk them off to the wonderful afterlife outside. It’s not just raunchy, it’s risky. And it’s hilarious. Sex, drugs, religious metaphors, musical numbers, you name it, they go there. Seth Rogen and his lifelong cohorts have come a long way, and they go a long way in making us wonder “have they gone too far?” For me there’s no such thing. Sausage Party is to religion what Team America: World Police was to partisan politics, and it’s that rare form of ribald intelligence which sets it apart, and makes it more than a mere ninety-minute exercise in shock value. There are so many brilliant little jokes in between those big jokes that it doesn’t matter if some of the big jokes miss. Rogen’s R-rated Veggie Tales opus fails to tug on any heartstrings in the midst of its filthy wordplay, but you won’t notice, and I won’t say much more for fear of spoiling even the most rudimentary of scenes and plot points. Sausage Party is something to experience sight unseen.

Grade: B+

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