Destination Wedding is Presumptuous


Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, once-upon-a-time lovers in the real world, re-team for a cynical romantic comedy as broken, nigh-insufferable forty-somethings with a chip on their shoulder and no love lost between them. At first. That’s how these things always start, right? They hate each other, they like each other, they love each other…maybe. They bicker like an old married couple, but one thing they agree on: destination weddings are incredibly presumptuous. Well, so is this movie. Director Victor Levin seems to believe there’s never enough bitchy acidity or biting acrimony, that witty repartee between two characters can only survive on the sardonic and the sarcastic. He’s right about half of the time. The other half is forced. That’s not to say it’s not a good time. Reeves and Ryder enjoy the kind of chemistry a filmmaker can only dream of when fashioning a romantic comedy of this sort. While the steamy sort of chemistry might be in short supply, primarily due to a script that relies too heavily on snark, their chemistry as dry, acerbic comedians is on fire. Ryder is too one-note to surpass her modern benchmark in Stranger Things, however, Reeves delivers his best performance in some time, sans John Wick of course. He’s surprisingly perfect as the lovable asshole, a complete about-face from his true-life persona. It’s just unfortunate that his and Ryder’s cache of formidable zingers comes at the expense of true romance. For a trifling rando on Prime Video, and for the sheer thrill of witnessing caustic flirtation between two veterans, I give this a mild recommendation.

Grade: C+

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